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Who We Are

At Maganima, we are a passionate team at the intersection of artificial intelligence and game development, led by Josue Magallanes. With over 7 years of expertise in the AI/ML domain, Josue brings a wealth of knowledge to the world of gaming innovation. Having actively participated in numerous game jams and crafting a diverse array of video games, our journey is a blend of creativity and technology.

Guided by Josue's vision, we're dedicated to revolutionizing the game development landscape. Our unique blend of AI/ML prowess and deep-rooted love for game creation enables us to offer a range of transformative tools designed to elevate your projects. From dynamic NPC interactions to procedural content generation, our offerings reflect the marriage of pixels and algorithms.

Join us on this exciting adventure where AI and game development intertwine, carving a path towards new gaming horizons. Together, we're not just crafting games; we're shaping the future of interactive experiences.

Our Mission

At Maganima, we're on a mission to revolutionize game development with AI. Empowering creators with seamless tools for innovation, we enhance gameplay, foster community collaboration, and shape the future of gaming.

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